What To Keep In Mind When Choosing Them?

In the first place, when opting for the use of solar panels, you must take into account that they are installed on the roof or the terrace, or on a level where nothing interrupts the reception of the solar rays. You should also know that you need an initial investment something important, although with the passage of time you will be able to recover what you spent. The installation and maintenance are straightforward but must be carried out by specialized personnel, as recommended by the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving.

There are three types of solar panels to choose from. The tiles or tiles, which are combined in large numbers to cover surfaces of different sizes, those that contain systems of the concentration of light thanks to their reflective surfaces and bifacial solar panels, which can receive the sun’s rays on both sides and transform them into electricity.

How can solar energy be used in a home?

Solar energy can be converted into electrical energy or heat. Here we refer only to the conversion of solar radiation into electricity. Solar panels (or photovoltaic modules) are flat devices, of different sizes, which have the property of directly converting sunlight into a continuous electrical current that allows charging a battery, for example, 12 volts.

In general, to power, a house with electricity, several solar panels interconnected with one another is needed. Other elements complement these panels: a metal structure to fix the modules, a battery charge regulator, one or more batteries and a power inverter (DC to AC) The set is called solar electric generator (See attached diagram). The panels can be installed on the roof of the house or in the patio or garden of the same.